Keith Gordon-President/CEO

Business and community leader/Government and Corporate Advisor/Political Strategist


The Firm’s key goals are to create opportunities to increase a better quality of life for those persons in our communities and country.


As Advisors & Consultants for corporations, my staff and I assist in identifying and implementing a combination of government programs & tax incentive strategies that can be applied to increase company profitability and quality of life for individuals through tax reduction and cash incentive programs. These programs can help in the realization of goals through the financial incentives provided by Federal, State, and local agencies.


I work hand in hand with Government agencies and business leaders to formulate policy, and assist in the successful administration of the incentives for employment & business expansion.





2000, Congressional supporters of Governor George W. Bush on the Election Advisory Board, nominated Mr. Gordon Senior Election Advisor. (Bush Election for President)


2001, Special Advisor Represented the State of Florida in Tax Reform workshop and strategy sessions with congressional leaders in DC on President Bush’s Tax Plan. (Tax cuts  & tax incentives for individuals & businesses)


2002, Delegate from Florida/ served on the Business Advisory Council’s Economic Recovery Workshop in Washington DC. Attending sessions with congressional leaders & key Whitehouse administrators to create jobs, expand business, and stimulate the economy.


2002, Congressman Jim Ryun selected Keith Gordon to serve the State of Florida as a delegate on the Congressional Business Commission.  The CBC is an elite group of leading business people and political strategists who will be advising the Republican leadership and is committed to supporting fiscally conservative candidates who are committed to tax reduction and relief.  Mr. Gordon’s name is permanently displayed on the Congressional Business Honor Roll in Washington, DC at the Republican Headquarters building.


2002 – 2003, Congressman Tom Delay selected Keith Gordon to serve the State of Florida on the new Presidential Business Commission.  The PBC is an elite group of leading business and professional people and political strategists who will be advising the Republican leadership.  Mr. Gordon was selected based on his outstanding contribution as an Honorary Chairman of the Party’s Business Advisory Council, a position he still holds.  On the Presidential Business Commission, Mr. Gordon has played a key roll in helping the Party craft their strategy.  Congressman Delay said, “The 2002 election will be critical in determining the course of our nation, particularly in terms of tax relief and national defense.  I am grateful to have Mr. Gordon’s expertise and personal input as a resource in the final weeks.” Mr. Gordon will continue to be invited to attend high level meetings in Washington.


2004, NRCC Chairman Congressman Tom Reynolds of New York Announces Selection of Miami Business Leader Keith Gordon as a 2003 Florida Businessman of the Year.

Mr. Gordon was selected for involvement as a community and business leader in the Miami area, steadfast support for Republican ideals such as lower taxes and limited government and for generous support for the Party.  Mr. Gordon was formally recognized at an awards ceremony held at the 2004 Congressional Tax Summit in Washington D.C. on April 1 to honor these accomplishments.


Memberships & Chairs:

National Congressional Committee

Majority Business Council
Business Advisory Council

Congressional Business Commission

Presidential Business Commission

Presidential Committee: Regional Chairmen FL